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Dessert them on their birthday

Let them cry on their birthday since they’ll be blissfully buzzing around celebrating their entrance into the world by stuffing their face with the most delightful confections known to man.  - $59

 Dessert boxes for pretty much every occasion ever. 

Birthdays, anniversaries, break-ups, Sorry, Thank you, Just to Binge

Bestie got ghosted, it’s their period, learned about the pool boy

dessert me on my birthday

What’s the best thing to do on their birthday? Dessert them, obvi. This dessert box will have them crying in bliss all day on their birthday.$64

Another Year of this Shit

You’ve already given them their best life by being married to them! What can be better than that? Well, a dessert box comes pretty close! – $69

Death by Dessert Box

Our Flagship Box! Who doesn’t love to get all the desserts on their special day? Birthday, anniversary, graduation, divorce? This one will say it with taste, we think.$65

Gluten free gluttony

Let’s all give a giant middle finger to gluten! These desserts don’t need none of that!! – $39

So So sorry

The box to say you’re sorry. Sorry for your loss, sorry for being a dick, sorry your house burnt down, sorry for everything. Sometimes saying sorry doesn’t work, but a box full of desserts usually does.  – $45

Break Up Box

Buddy got dumped? Bestie got broken up with? Send them a little pick me up. Nothing like sweet sweet desserts covered in salty tears. Yum! – $35

everything but the spoon

Send this box to people that love spoons. Because they’ll need to use one (probably) to spoon feed this deliciousness into their body.$39

Good Enough Box

Best friend got ghosted this weekend? Your partner said they love you but you’re not quite ready to drop the L word back? Answer: the Good Enough Dessert Box. – $35