Gifts. But way better.

So it's 2020, let's talk about gifting. 🥰  It's gotten kinda boring and impersonal. We think it should be the most heartfelt thing you can do for your people. 

Panic buying the last OKish looking bouquet of flowers, emailing a gift card day of, or maybe just a late night text. 😵

We believe in the magic of receiving a rare, thoughtful gift. The feeling of receiving a surprise on your doorstep, reading a hand written thank you, and that first bite of sweet dessert ecstasy. 🤤

Desserted boxes are our full blast love boombox to the people we care about 💪🏽 and the people you care about 🤟🏼 while every purchase changes a life. Packed tight and hand-doodled to show you care. 

Eat Your Heart Out
Hey flowers and teddy bears, EAT YOUR HEART OUT!! This is how you show them how you really feel.
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People are digging
Are you dead or just looking or an extreme pick-me-up from the metaphorical grave? Resurrection from zombie life is here.
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Giving Back

1 Dessert box = 1 Child Fed

We’ve partnered up with Food For Thought Denver, who pack up “PowerSacks” of food every Friday morning and deliver them to Title 1 schools. Every. Single. Week. 

Social Impact


collect calories

Every time you purchase stuff, you get points (calories) to cash in for discounts and delish VIP stuff. 

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100% Happiness Guarantee

Desserting people is kind of the coolest gift you can bestow on your people. And we take that as serious as we love desserts. So we are only happy when you and your recipient are ecstatic! We are here for you if you have questions, special requests or just want to talk marshmallows. Come say hi!