Dessert boxes

You know how when you mom’s birthday is coming up or your girlfriend has to go to the office on her birthday?

Well, instead of sending them the cliche flower bouquet or a boring gift, blow their minds with a box full of delicious desserts delivered right to them!

Super easy. Just pick a dessert box based on the desserts inside or price. Then choose an occasion and write your custom note (if you like). We'll hand-doodle your message and ship it right to their door!

You know how Goldilocks didn’t like the porridge that was too hot and too cold, but only the one that was just right? Well, that’s almost completely irrelevant. See, we want you and your giftee to have the best, freshest and move divine dessert box experience and with the changing nature of food and inventory, we don’t guarantee exact variations of desserts. Desserted offers an array of different desserts in different variations and the variations in your dessert box may be different than what is pictured.

We do our best to (and usually can) include the exact desserts pictured but we may sub out for different variations if need be. If you have any specific requests or concerns, just reach out or tell us in your order notes!

Nope! They won't see how much you paid or that the box is called something like "The Over Indulger."

The first thing they'll see when they open it is your note hand-doodled on the card!


We ship with UPS anywhere in the United States. 

UPS doesn't ship to PO Boxes, but if you need to get it to one, reach out and we can look at postal options!

We'll ship your order within 1 business day. Our standard shipping rates utilize UPS Ground, which can be anywhere from 1-5 days in transit. There are faster shipping options in checkout, all the way up to Next Day Air. 

If it's for a special date, you might consider having your package scheduled to deliver a day early, to account for any delays or late-in-the-day deliveries. 

We include desserts that can ship within the US and can hold in various temperatures and conditions during shipping time. 

Each box has a little insert to let the recipient know how to enjoy them and what they should refrigerate upon receiving. 

Yes! There is a future delivery date option while you are choosing options for the dessert box! 

You can select any future delivery date and we'll ship accordingly. No forgetting birthdays anymore!

Hand-Doodled Cards

Every dessert box comes with a custom hand-doodled card with your note written inside. 

Anything you want your giftee to read! Love notes, thank you notes, congrats note, or just because notes. Or even write it from your dog. 

We draw the line at hate, harassment, threats, accusations, etc. and reserve the right to reject any notes that we deem unworthy of human decency. If we do have to reject your note, we’ll let you know and replace it with the most boring thing we can think of.

You bet. Every single card is hand-doodled by our professional hand-doodlers. No printing or faking it here!

Hand-doodles will vary every time, but that's the cool part!