About Us

Selling Dessert Boxes to Change People's Lives

Who is Desserted?

That’s us, I mean you are on our website so I guess we are kind of friends now? Anyways, we are a dessert box company. It all started with our founder, Jimmy LaPrelle,  needing to send client gifts in a corporate job selling super cool adventures to super cool people around the world. But all the gifts he was finding were….NOT super cool. They were super boring and he couldn’t find anything that spoke to the coolness of the product he was selling. "I didn’t want to send boring gifts to my amazing clients!"

So he founded his own gift company. We source the best and most extra special can’t-find-in-the-grocery-store desserts that’ll blow your mind, and then stuff them in a super cool branded box, and hand-doodle a custom card with your sweet nothings, or sweet professional somethings, and send it off to your lucky recipient. They get it on their doorstep and now you’re best friends.


Box Full of Desserts?

Yeah, seriously. We load our boxes full of the best desserts sourced from the coolest brands around. 

Everything we include can be shipped throughout the US and will show up at their doorstep ready to destroy (or refrigerate and obliterate later).

Send a Dessert Box, Feed a Child

We’ve partnered up with Food For Thought Denver, who pack up “PowerSacks” of food every Friday morning and deliver them to Title 1 schools every week. Every. Single. Week. Kids that may not have reliable food between school lunch on Friday until school lunch on Monday, get these bags and now have one less thing to worry about in an already stressful life: where they’ll get their next meal.

So with every dessert box we ship, we directly fund one of these power sacks which feeds a kid and their family for the entire weekend. The cool thing about this organization is there is no overhead. It’s all volunteers packing and delivering and they don’t pay for marketing or a space. They meet under a bridge near a university and pack the bags every Friday, so 100% off every penny they get goes towards buying the food. So when you buy a dessert box, you aren’t paying for marketing, you are paying to feed a real child in our backyard. Check out more on our Giving Back page.