WTF is a dessert box even?

You know how when you mom’s birthday is coming up or your girlfriend has to go to the office on her birthday?

Well, instead of sending them the cliche flower bouquet or a boring gift, blow their minds with a box full of delicious desserts delivered right to them!

How does dessert box delivery work?

Really? That’s the question you choose to take on one of these 3 important boxes?

Ok ok. Well you pick a dessert box from the store, buy it, and then we deliver it locally in Denver or ship it to you in the continental US. Your giftee gets their mind blown.

What’s this thing about food packs for kids?

Children from low-income families receive free and reduced lunches at school. Often the lunch they receive at school on Friday is the last meal they eat until they arrive back on Monday. Food for Thought Denver provides weekend food packs for these kids and we’ve pledged to fund one food pack per dessert box sold.

Are the desserts I get not always the exact same thing as in the pictures??

You know how Goldilocks didn’t like the porridge that was too hot and too cold, but only the one that was just right? Well, that’s almost completely irrelevant. See, we want you to have the best, freshest and move divine dessert box experience and with the changing nature of food and inventory, we don’t guarantee exact variations of desserts. The Desserted Co offers an array of different desserts in different variations and the variations in your dessert box may be different than what is pictured.


If you have a big kanker sore about it, just send us a note in your order and we’ll do our best to accommodate. Otherwise we will provide product variations at our discretion.


What do I need to know about local delivery in Denver?

You’re on fire with these questions! If you are in the Denver metro area, we’ll deliver as soon as next day. Our delivery hours are Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm. We recommend using a business address for delivery. If the delivery is going to a residence, we request to have someone there to receive the package. 

The Desserted Co sometimes uses outside delivery agents and sometimes issues can arise to may delay a delivery that are outside of our control. We can’t take responsibility for these delays but will make every effort to make sure products are delivered on time. 


What about shipping in the US?

If you live outside of the Denver Metro area, we’ll ship your dessert box within one business day. You get to choose (LUCKY!) your delivery speed so it’ll arrive whenever those delivery peeps get it to you. 

We ship from Denver, CO to the continental US. 


You left the dessert box at the door and the damn coons got it!

It is, like, really important for you to provide the most detailed delivery information and make sure someone is there to receive the order. The Desserted Co does not take liability for loss or damage when leaving boxes safely and securely according to delivery instructions due to theft, melted, infested or undelivered products. 

We don’t carry coon spray. 


Cancel my order!! (?)

We have no idea why you’d order a dessert box and then cancel it which is like going to Munich to drink tea…but hey shit happens. 

You can cancel a dessert box up until 2 business days before delivery (or shipping). Orders that are already prepared, processed or in transit can’t be canceled. 

Look, if you cancel before that 2 day cutoff, we’ll refund you. If it’s after that, we can’t refund you. The nature of dessert boxes are fresh items that thrive on commitment (or at least enough notice). 


What can I write on my card?

Only you know the sweet ass words your giftee wants to hear. Just let us know and we’ll include your nasty pillow talk. 

We draw the line at hate, harassment, threats, accusations, etc. and reserve the right to reject any notes that we deem unworthy of human decency. If we do have to reject your note, we’ll let you know and replace it with the most boring thing we can think of. 



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