Dessert Them For Their
Don't make them spend their birthday driving around collecting birthday freebies. Make them cry on their special day with a box overflowing with the most angelic sweets known to man.
Dessert them for
EAT YOUR HEART OUT flowers and teddy bears. Desserts will express your feelings with taste.
Dessert them to say
Say thanks for your business, thanks for feeding my llama, thanks for sending me a dessert box!
A dessert box to say
Congrats on your new job, congrats on finishing driving school, welcome to your new baby!
Send them a
Get well soon, good luck on your interview, everyone needs a little pick me up.
Dessert boxes for
Everything else
Congrats on your vasectomy, happy housewarming, BFFs forever ever.
Let them know you really are
Sorry for your loss, sorry I wrecked your TV, sorry I stole your boyfriend.