Send Desserts, Plant Trees, Save Lives

Send Desserts, Plant Trees, Save Lives

We think business can...and SHOULD change the world. There are a lot of causes out there to support and a lot of issues that need attention. Businesses are in a unique position to make an impact, just by doing their normal business stuff. For us that's sending dessert boxes!

Climate change and human health and welfare are issues that are important to us and something that affects everyone on the planet. So we sought out Eden Reforestation Projects to plant trees with every dessert box we sell. 

It's even more than that though. Deforestation is a big issue that not only destroys forests and local habitats, but also the livelihoods of local communities. So Eden not only plants trees, they employ the locals to reforest their own forests, helping lift them out of extreme poverty. Planting Trees and Saving lives at the same time!

Trees are planted in Nepal, Madagascar, Haiti, Indonesia, Mozambique, Kenya, and Central America. 

Every dessert box we ship will plant at least one tree (we donate by revenue, not items sold) and help lift locals out of extreme poverty. Read more about our mission at Desserted to support Eden's work around the world!