Employee Gifts that Change Lives

Employee Gifts that Change Lives

When I started Desserted in 2019, I was working for a really cool adventure travel company that helped real people through its social enterprise. I needed to buy client gifts that reflected the soaring image of the brand. But I couldn't find anything that wasn't boring! So I set out to create it. 

We sought after the best desserts in the country, started hand-doodling cards and launched on Valentine's Day (because that seemed like a good enough idea for dessert boxes). 

 Hand-doodled card

One of the founding principles of Desserted was for each box purchased to impact a real human somehow. We didn't want to just "round up your purchase to save the planet," but instead to implement a tangible give-back element. So we started feeding kids with every box purchased through a local non-profit partnership in Denver. Now, we've expanded the give-back to include a rotating cause every quarter so we can impact more people in different ways. This quarter we're helping families with preemie babies.  

We truly believe that the most impactful changes in the world will come from businesses that decide to make a difference so we baked it right into our core business model.  Learn why we think deserting people can be a force for good. 

Corporate gifts, whether for clients or employees, should not only be absolutely rad, personal and meaningful but also give-back to real people who could use a break. it's a GIFT after-all right?? 

Check out how we partner with companies for their client and employee gifts. 

Keep giving,

Jimmy LaPrelle

Founder | Desserted