Dessert Boxes are our Love Boombox to Gifting

Dessert Boxes are our Love Boombox to Gifting

So it's 2020, let's talk about gifting. It's gotten kinda boring and impersonal. We think it should be the most heartfelt thing you can do for your people. 

Panic buying the last OKish looking bouquet of flowers, emailing a gift card day of, or maybe just a late night text. I've done it, we've all done it. But how good did it feel that one time your good friend put together a mixed tape for you (mostly Britney Spears)? Or when your cubicle mate had everyone sign your cake with food coloring resulting in a brown blob? Those are the moments that we really live for; the moments when people show us they really care. 

We believe in the magic of receiving a rare, thoughtful gift. The feeling of receiving a surprise on your doorstep, reading a hand written thank you, and that first bite of sweet dessert ecstasy.

Desserted boxes are our full blast love boombox to the people we care about and the people you care about while every purchase changes a life. We like to think we are standing in your internet front yard, boombox raised high, blasting our love into the world, while you are standing with our boombox, with your own boombox, blasting your own dance song to whomever you are sending a gift to....well you get the point. Tons of music blasting out of several boomboxes all over the place filing the planet with magical desserts and good vibes. 

That's why we do what we do. We source the best desserts on the planet, pack them in super cool custom-printed boxes and hand-doodle your birthday, love, break-up or just because note as your own personal hand-written boombox. All the while every time you click purchase and someone inhales a cookie, a life is changed through our rotating give-back.