4 Worst Reasons to Send Someone a Dessert Box

4 Worst Reasons to Send Someone a Dessert Box

To See if they have more self-control than you

Yeah, i just ate 3 bowls of fruit loops after dinner, fight me. Sometimes it's just the right thing to do. So, is sending a dessert box actually just diet sabotaging your friends? Maybe. Or could it be giving them exactly what they need in that moment? 


Eat What Makes You Happy

Because Flowers Bring Death

Have you ever gotten a bouquet of flowers that made you feel full of life and beauty? Only to have your dreams shattered the next day when they look all droopy and dead? Us too. Could it be that sending flowers is actually just foreshadowing their imminent demise? Who knows, but I sure don't want to send the wrong message. Desserts on the other hand only send one message; you are rad. 

 dead flowers

Experiences are more meaningful gifts

Remember that one time when you were in middle school when Jimmy got you the best birthday gift ever? It wasn't an action figure or nerf gun, it was a bunny....to shave! The feeling of running the clippers through that luscious bunny fur and helping it cool off in the desert heat was the most priceless experience of your life. Right? You'll remember that forever, at least more than those socks grammy got you. 


fuzzy bunny

Because Cellophane is glorious

Close your eyes and take yourself back to that one time someone sent a gift basket to your office. There it sat, one ray of sunlight beaming down causing it to glow all over that thin plastic. Everyone stood around in sheer anticipation as the seconds started to slow down while your fingers got closer to the bow. You grab one end to untie, everyone gasps, and you tug on it. Then you tug again, and again, until you decide it'll be easier to rip the cellophane apart. Before you know it, the entire room is filled with the angelic singing of wrestling with plastic, even better than waking up to the sound of a cat chewing on a grocery bag. Ahhh, and the only thing better? Hard as a rock super tiny coffee bag inside. 

Cellophane Gift Basket