About The Desserted Co

Our Story

Many moons ago, like in 2018, I needed to send a gift to a clients. I searched the deep web for something cool and fun, but quickly found I was kind of limited to flowers and fruit. I wanted to send them something memorable and most importantly, something way cooler that illustrated that I appreciated them and a boring gift just wasn’t cutting it! I didn’t want to send something that they would say “OMG thanks” and then quickly forget…or worse…regift. 😱

I’m not a chef or baker or anything but I do like to imbibe the sweet stuff every now and again. So over a delicious pint of ice cream with brownie pieces and Oreos, The Desserted Co idea was mixed into a business plan. It was important to create a brand and product that people could identify with and would actually want to send to their loved ones, clients, and enemies; and something people would love to receive too!

At The Desserted Co, we strongly believe that businesses have the power to change the world. That’s why we wanted to ensure that every dessert box we sold impacted our local community in a meaningful way. Check out our social impact page about how each dessert box sold helps feed hungry kids in Denver.

What is our purpose?

Dessert the ones we love

We’re kind of spent on the same old flowers and boring gifts. At The Desserted Co, we are changing the way we tell our loved ones that we love them. 

SUpporting the coolest brands

What makes our dessert boxes so freaking awesome? The products inside, all from some of the coolest brands in the US.  We love supporting small business.

Dessertion, a force for good

Every box sold directly helps a child in Denver eat over the weekend. We’ve partnered with Food for Thought to provide weekend food to hungry kids in Denver.


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