gifts that don’t suck

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We got really bored of boring gifts. The flowers kept dying. The fruit kept rotting.

Pick a dessert box

Tastiest desserts you've ever dreamed of. For any budget you've ever dreamed of. 

Hand-doodled card

Choose to make it a birthday, love, heartbreak, thanks, sorry or custom box and we'll hand-doodle your deepest feelings!

feed a child

Every dessert box we ship directly funds a weekend food pack for hungry kids.

See our social impact page for more info!

Shipped Nationwide

We'll send this wherever you tell us in the US, and you can choose any future delivery date in checkout 

dessert boxes

best gift ever

Santa's Stash

Nothing says ho ho ho like this box of holiday desserts, but it’s Santa’s, good luck trying to pry it from his cold hands.


Magical Wonderland

Galavant with your friends, family, colleagues into a magical land of holiday desserts. Or don’t, do it solo. You do you.



gifts that don't suck