Dessert Box Gifts for Every Occasion Ever

Birthdays | Love Notes | Break-Ups | Binges

Dessert Box Gifts for Every Occasion Ever







Get some bliss delivered for BIRTHDAYS, LOVE NOTES, BREAK-UPS & BINGES

flowers die.

gift cards are boring.

 a box of desserts lasts forever (in memory at least)



We taste taste every dessert from rad small businesses in the US

Blow Their Mind

They realize you really like them because what’s cooler than receiving a box of desserts

Change Lives

Every dessert box directly funds a weekend food pack for hungry kids


Local Denver delivery and US shipping everywhere



Dessert them on their birthday

Let them cry on their birthday since they’ll be blissfully buzzing around celebrating their entrance into the world by stuffing their face with the most delightful confections known to man.  – $59

Good Enough Box

You don’t have to break the bank just to let them know they are good enough!! Send them the message with ultimate taste.  – $35

Social Impact

We believe that business can change the world. Each dessert box = one weekend of food for a hungry child.